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(Copy) Serial No. 10000003200606270399

                          Enterprise Identification Sign 100000032004022700116

Registered Number 3101102010439

Enterprise Name: Shanghai Qingxiu Furniture Manufacture Co., Ltd

Address: Rm. 4150, No. 301 Shuangyang Road, Yangpu District, Shanghai

Legal Representative: Zhao Qinglin

Registered Capital: RMB 500,000 Yuan

Paid-in Capital: RMB 500, 000 Yuan

Type of Enterprise: limited liability Company (domestic joint venture)

Scope of Management:

Manufacture, process and sale of furniture and wood products; indoor upholster; sale of architectural ornament materials, hardware and electrical appliance, rubber products, daily commodities, clothing, textile, leather products, chemical products and materials (except dangerous products), metal materials and products, business information consulting (excluding brokering). (By business license where necessary)


Date of Foundation: February 27th, 2004

Business Duration: From February 27th, 2004 to February 26th, 2014

Valid Period for the License: June 27th, 2006 to February 26th, 2014



1. Business License of the Enterprise Legal Person is the certificate for qualification of enterprise legal person and for legal management.

2. BLELP has the original and the copy both of which have the coequal legal binding force.

3. The original BLELP should be put at a distinct position inside the enterprise.

4. BLELP mustn’t be forged, altered, lent or transferred.

5. The enterprise legal person should apply for modifying the registry to the original registry department if one or more of the registered items are to be changed to get a new BLELP.

6. The registry department will carry out an annual examination on the enterprise legal person from March 1st to June 30th every year.

7. No operation except liquidation can be carried out on condition that BLELP has been withdrawn.

8. The original and all the copies of BLELP should be returned back to the registry department when the enterprise is to be logged off.

9. If BLELP is lost or destroyed, a cancellation declaration must be made on the newspaper appointed by the original registration department of the company, and an application is needed for a new license.



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